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August 2014
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IMA Members and Friends:

It is again my great pleasure and an honor to serve as the chapter President
FY14/15.  Although I’d like to think it’s because I didn’t embarrass myself too
badly last year I suspect it more likely that the Board decided that I needed
more practice.  The chapter did do very well again last year, once again
receiving a banner for being among the top chapters worldwide.

I’m very excited about this year; we have early commitments from some great
speakers on relevant and timely topics for the regular lunch and dinner
schedule leaving us more time for strategic initiatives and to mix things up a
little with fill-in roaming meetings, networking socials, etc.
On August 5th we’re starting out the year with a social featuring our special
guest speaker, Jeff Thomson, President of the IMA.  Under the guidance of Jeff
and the global board the IMA and the CMA certification are reaching
unparalleled international prominence, and Jeff will have comments on our
organization and the practice of managerial finance in the relaxed context of a
wine tasting.

Our regular meetings this year will cover a broad and interesting array of topics
such as economic updates, legislative and tax updates, the new FASB guidance
on revenue recognition, healthcare reform, forensic accounting tools and
techniques, and other topics by highly respected authors and subject matter
experts.  The schedule and registration links are on our site at www.imaatlanta.
org, please check back often as we add events frequently.

We strive to keep you up to date through multiple channels, including our email
announcements, Facebook page, LinkedIn group, and IMA’s private knowledge
sharing and networking portal, LinkupIMA.  Connect with us on one or all for
the latest.

Any organization, especially non-profit professional ones, advances and serves
its constituency through passionate, dedicated volunteers, and IMA Atlanta is
no different.  In addition to serving our members and the business community
with cutting-edge professional education and great relationship building
opportunities,  our organization offers opportunities to volunteer in chapter
administration and outreach that present departures from core accounting and
finance into areas of interest that pay dividends in personal and professional
growth.   Websites must be designed and maintained, newsletters and emails
prepared with good copywriting skills.  There’s event planning and coordination,
public speaking and marketing, participating in board meetings, leading and
participating in projects, presenting at chapter meetings and conferences,
coaching and mentoring students and entry level professionals, student
chapter relations, etc, etc.  There are always more projects than help, so if you
have time and an interest in advancing the organization and the profession we’
d love to hear from you.  Send me an email or corner me at or another one of
the officers at a meeting.

At IMA Atlanta we also create value by connecting jobs and job seekers, so at
any time you have job openings for accounting and finance professionals,
please let me know and we will post the job on our jobs board to help you get
the right candidate.  Where better to look for accounting and finance talent
than at an organization that represents over 750 of the top professionals in
the metro Atlanta area?
We offer meeting sponsorships for individuals and companies that support our
programs in exchange for high profile exposure in our mailings and meetings,
creating value for our members and the business community, so if you have an
interest in doing so please contact me.

I look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon; please feel free to contact me
with your comments, questions or suggestions.

With Kind Regards
Don R. Spears
IMA Atlanta President FY14/15