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Shadow Program

How the program works:

IMA Members volunteer to “Host” a student for a ½ Day at their office to “Shadow” the
professional for a typical work day.  The IMA board will match students and host
companies based areas of interest and availabilities of the students and Member hosts.

The breadth of the work is wholly up to the discretion of the IMA member, but may
include observation of analytical procedures, interaction with colleagues, testing of
operation controls, strategic planning, etc.  Remember the goal here is to provide an
informal day in the life of a typical accounting professional.

If you are a Student or IMA Member interested in participating in this very worthwhile
program please contact Sharon Kelly, to register.
IMA members want university students to understand
that an accounting career in the private sector is
rewarding.  One way to allow students to see this is to
let the students observe first-hand the activities and
challenges of a financial professional in business.  
University textbooks and classroom activities cannot
well explain the responsibilities and complexities
involved in the everyday tasks of our profession, so the
purpose of the shadow program is to augment
education by providing a real illustration of how some of

Benefits to the Accounting Professional are many.  IMA members will provide students
perhaps, providing alternative views to the classroom experience.  Members will have a
chance to influence career paths and meet students who have expressed an interest in
a private sector career path aligned with their particular area of expertise.
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